Monday, April 19, 2010

Leyburn and Cunningham's Gap

Saturday saw us up and about and in Jimny heading up the Cunningham Highway and turning on to the England Hwy to arrive at our destination of Leyburn.  We met up for the day with another CMCA chapter "The Darling Downs Drifters" they were camped for the weekend in a rest area 66 kms south west of Toowoomba..  Leyburn is known for its Leyburn Sprints which are held later in the year.  The club hosted their own version of the "Leyburn Sprints" with a few box cars of their own design.
 A lot of hilarity and laughter was the end result with a few being booked for "over the Limit"  We shared lunch with them, which we purchased at the nearby General Store, which boasted the biggest ham, name burger around. Renewed friendship with some that we had met previously at the Rocky Rally.  Namely Chris and his wife, Esme, Bev,Bill and others.  We returned by another route through Warwick making it an all round trip.
 We drove through the famous Cunningham Gap screened by lovely dense forest.  It was quite dark driving through as the foliage was so thick it almost became a curtain  Lookouts was spread throughout showing glimpses of hidden valleys and more mountains which form the Great Dividing Ranges.

 Sunday we sauntered over to the markets conveniently situated in the Showgrounds.  We spied a rather unusual fruit, Rosella. quite common over here but we in particular haven't seen it before.  Apparently they belong to the hibiscus family and they form a flower bud and the stone is removed and then boiled to make jam.  We purchased some jam to give it a try.  Maybe Bill might make some pancakes later this week to try it on.  The afternoon was spent topping up on the baking, pumpkin fruit cake and almond crisps were on the agenda.  Bill and Leanne arrived as they were being removed from the oven.  They are friends we know from Ipswich who are building their motorhome.  It is almost finished I think they will be on their way in a couple of weeks.  Tomorrow we are driving up to Queen Mary Falls for a day's outing we intend driving up one way and returning via an alternate route.
Talk again soon

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