Friday, September 25, 2009

Yeppoon Qld

Yeppoon Beach

Its been a very sad week. Firstly the computer was struck down with a mysterious illness. She was in danger of losing all of her attachments and her vital organs were shutting down. Along came an excellent IT Co (namely iassist her in Rockhampton) who performed immediate surgery and after a few days of recuperation she came home faster and cleaner and ready to go and with a full backup copy hidden among her many folders.

Keppel Bay
Last Friday while the bus was getting its nipples greased and her oil changed we took off in Jimny and drove over to Yeppoon. Yeppoon is a lovely coastal town, fishing and swimming being the main activities and you can catch the ferry here to Keppel Island.

A fisherman on the rocks

We espied a very shiny and new bus driving through the area and it was Ron & Aileen. (They actually built our bus) They were driving their new mid engine bus named the Grange. The car is parked into the back of the bus and when the car is out that room then becomes a spare room (or laundry as they have set it up for) After a quick chat and a perusal of their bus (Very, very nice)we headed back to pick up the bus.

We picked her up about 5pm and she was sporting a new muffler and her wheels had been rotated and she was longer coughing and spluttering. Just joking she has been running as smooth as a baby's bum and we haven't experienced any major mechanical problems. Thursday we had to have the tyre people come out and repair a puncture in one of the rear tyres and today we had to remove and repair one from the trailer you would think we would have noticed it the day before . So we are all swish and shiny and ready to go into the 24th National CMCA Rally at the showgrounds on Monday the 28th. I have just got over two months now before we fly home for Xmas yehhhhhh!!!

Talk again soon

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