Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rockhampton Qld

Wayne on Budge

We enjoyed our impromptu Rodeo on Tuesday night. They did some Barrel Jumping,

Melissa on Charlie

Roping of the steers even young Dakota was involved. She normally rides Budge in the Rodeo, here I have shown her roping the barrel. Dad Wayne has the horse so well trained that he removed his bridle and bit and Budge managed to go where he was supposed to.

Wayne roping one of the steers

Adam was roping the horns and Wayne was roping the legs simultaneously. You will note that the steers are wearing something on their horns.

This is because the ropes can cause pain near the horns and this prevents this. They absolutely love their horses and they are so well trained that they follow without a lead.

Dakota roping the drums(she is only 5yrs old)

We arrived in the Gracemere Caravan Park on Wednesday and I think we will settle here before driving the 10kms to the CMCA Rally in Rockhampton on the 28th of this month. Thursday we were on the road in Jimny at 5am and wending our way down to Maryborough to meet my brother and Sister In Law who were travelling up from the Gold Coast. After a few mishaps namely their GPS taking them through Brisbane instead of the motorway and a Road Accident we managed to meet up in time for morning tea. The markets were on in the township as they are every Thursday so we meandered around town and had a leisurly lunch at the Aussie Hotel. We wandered down to the Wharf area where local paddle boats are for hire. There were lots of people enjoying themselves on the water. There were some wonderful historical buildings and the wharf area was spectacular but we forgot to take the camera so I am sorry but no photos this time maybe next time we pass through this area. We parted company about 3pm and arrives back at the bus at 7pm in time for Home and Away. We must be mad to drive all that way but we enjoyed catching up with them and getting all the goss from WA. They fly home today so I hope they have a nice flight home. We have driven into one of the local shopping centres and it was huge. My granddaughters would be pleased as they have quite a lot of the well known fashion outlets and some of their favourites.

Talk again soon

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Lurline said...

Lovely to check up on you again - I am having a quiet lazy Sunday and doing a lot of browsing blogs. My goodness - your lives are taking you in such diverse directions, it must be wonderful!
Hugs - Lurline♥