Friday, September 4, 2009

Ayr Nth Qld

The Townsville

We have moved Yeh!!!!! Not too far just 80kms down the road. We are parked up at the Showgrounds in Ayr $11 per night with water & power. Have done the washing and cooked up a storm. We toured the town today and it is quite big. Normally we take the bypass road and miss Ayr but there are a lot of lovely shops here. There was a Quilt Show here too bad luck it was last weekend.
Jupiters Casino Townsville
We visited Motorhomer friends Bert & Joyce they are caretaking a few acres just near town. An old friend from WA is visiting us today on his way to work. He drives trucks from 4pm to 4am. It will be nice to catch up as we haven't seen since we were last here a few years ago.

A friendly Kookaburra

We will probably move on tomorrow although I hope we get the opportunity to see the canefields burnoff. Apparently this will be the last year for Burnoffs as the Sugar Mills are planning to use the waste as fuel for their Machinery.

Castle Hill Townsville

Talk again soon

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