Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Territory Day in Darwin

Fannie Bay Darwin from the old Gaol Precinct

Fannie Bay Darwin NT
Well today is the 1st July and not only is it the start of a new financial year but up here it is Territory day. Firecrackers are for sale today and today only and tonight between the hours of 6pm and 11pm. they are allowed to set off. Mindil Beach will be one of the venues where there will be a display of fireworks. July 1st 1978 marks the date the Northern Territory became self governed. In 1862, South australia took responsibility for the N.T' before the federal government took over in 1911. Commonwealth administrators took the reins until an NT selected Legislated Assembly was established in 1974. 4 years later on July 1st, independence was declared and the unique NT flag was flown for the first time. Its colours - Black, Ochre and white - are reflective of those of aboriginal rock art. The flag was created by a victorian illustrator and optimises everything that is Territorian. The Southern Cross features in the night sky and the NT floral emblem, Sturt's Desert Rose takes pride of place. So tonight it will be one big party.
I managed to go to patchwork with some local ladies at Bee's Creek on Saturday and spent a very pleasant afternoon stitching and talking. We braved the SkyCity Casino again Monday night and gorged ouselves at the Buffet. We are waiting on some important mail to come through hopefully quicker than the last lot which took 14 days to arrive. We still haven't got out to Wagait Beach so hopefully we will tomorrow. We have to start preparing for the big move soon. Although it will be quite sad to leave Darwin.

Here I am in Solitary Confinement luckily they let me out
Talk again soon

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Julia said...

Hi Jan, looks like you and Bill are loving the grey nomad thingie..
and looks like your having a great time..
I'd give anything for some warmer weather, Don't like the very windy conditions we're having at the moment..Stay safe.
Hugs Julia ♥