Monday, July 20, 2009

Julia Creek Qld

The rock face near the old mine

This unusual flower was on the vegetation near the mine

We left Mt Isa on Sunday morning and just the other side of town was an old mining town Mary Kathleen it was once a thriving town but now all that is left is the cement pads where once buildings were.

There is also a mine site and below is the most bluest water we have ever seen. It is an old Uranium Mine which probably caused the blue in the water.

The photo doesn't do it any justice at all. We parked the bus and drove through the area. We walked through Cloncurry but as it was Sunday nothing much was open. We stopped for the night at a roadside rest area halfway between Cloncurry and Julia Creek.

Today we left late as we were not going far and we parked up beside a lovely Creek along with a few others. There seems to be a locust plague as there are lots of locusts flying about. We drove into town but nothing much seems to be happening at the moment. There are Rodeos held nearly every weekend in the area.
Talk again soon

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Julia said...

Hi Jan,
Your photos are great..
well, fancy that....they even named a creek after!

Every time I pass your son's place I think of you..
Take care.
Julia ♥