Friday, July 3, 2009

Firecrackers and Wagait Beach NT

Darwin at night from Stokes Wharf

What an eyeopener Territory Day was. We drove into town to check out the festivities the city was buzzing. Every possible road or carpark even backyards were occupied by people setting alight their crackers. $100's of dollars worth just gone up in smoke.

Some of the spectacular sights
From little kids to big kids. We didn't go to Mindil Beach where the organised fireworks were held we drove to a road leading to a pier. It was wonderful although a bit scary. Some of the crackers were meant to go up in the air tipped over and headed sideways into groups of people. People scattered adminst shout of laughter. Some little kids were lighting theirs with the supervision of their parents for the first time they were so excited.

Some of the crackers were like flying saucers they went up into the air spinning then turned and whizzed towards you. There were a few spot grass fires around but not too much damage. Even Government House carpark wasn't sacred with debri strewn everywhere and the City was covered in a haze of smoke and the smell of gunpowder. Even after we came home and went to bed we could still here them going off even though they were supposed to stop at 11pm. Yesterday we drove out to Wagait Beach to visit friends Jan & Sherrill at the block they had purchased. It was in a lovely spot and they have been hard at work clearing the vegetation so that they can set up there. It was very hot and humid. We lunched again at Mandurah Beach Hotel which is all openair and faces the water so was lovely and cool. Afterwards visited the site of a WW11 Plane crash site which went down Jan 17th 1945.

WW11 Plane cash Site

We also checked out the Magnetic Termite Moulds which face North and their backs are to the South. Fascinating works of art.

One of the Magnetic Termite Moulds

We arrived home about 5pm in time for happy hour.

This bush is reknown for its insect repellant qualities if you crush the flowers and leaves and rub on your skin it will repel some insects.

knowing my luck I would be allergic to it and still come out in a rash

Talk again soon

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Lurline said...

Now you know why I am so crazy at times - 17 years in the NT has to affect one! Stokes Hill wharf was in Australia! Will try to give you a quick buzz tomorrow!
Hugs - Lurline♥