Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kalgoorlie Rally 2011

We are parked in the back row about three along
Here we are parked up before the rally
So much has happened since we first entered the CMCA Rally site two weeks ago.  We have all been housed on the lovely grassed area of the Oasis Recreational Grounds and I must surmise the venue is superb, our entertainment is in a huge area behind the swimming pool area and the sound is brilliant.  The heated pools were available to our members usuage for free and many took advantage of this generous gesture.  We were busy working with our coordinator, Carol and supplied BBQ meals four nights and a First Timers breakfast on the Tuesday ( We call first timers virgins as this is their very first time at a national rally).  I was thoroughly exhausted by the end of the week but the positive feedback we received from our dinner guests was very rewarding and made the whole event very worthwhile.  I must also mention that I had one very embarrassed SIL, Beryl who locked herself in the toilet on the very first day.

  Some mothers do have them but we love her all the same.  We managed to fit in a tour of the town and took some photos from inside the bus so they aren't too bad considering.
One of the infamous buildings

The Super Pit (Don't the big dump trucks look like dinky toys)

Of course everyone knows that Kalgoorlie is famous for its Goldmining

This is the size of the bucket on the dump trucks
Poppet Head for lifting up out of the mine
Old mining cottage
  I also managed to fit a small workshop of freeform knitting which I found very interesting, I couldn't make the second part but I think I can follow the instructions so that I can finish.  I spent a brief time with Lois doing the Fields of Gold stitchery, and from Maryke a kit for the tumbling blocks, I know that I can call on these lovely ladies if I get stuck doing these projects.  I must do photos later.  We have now left the Rally Site and spent last night at Centennary Park with lots of other Motorhomers and spent most of Happy Hour catching up with everyone we missed.  We are also spending lots of quality time with Colin and Beryl and may travel a little with them.  Not sure if we are heading off today or tomorrow but we will travel to the wheatbelt to catch up with other family members.

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