Sunday, October 30, 2011

Goomalling & Bruce Rock

Parked at Goomalling Caravan Park
Another week has gone by and I am again behind in my blogging, again my photograper has let me down but I can also blame the weather.  It was raining for most of the week, and the Caravan Park started to resemble a river.  We did however manage a visit to Dowerin; a small town about 20klms away.   They have a field day here every August and the town is buzzing then but on an average rainswept day it was very quiet.
Commercial Hotel Dowerin
 There was a patchwork shop but it advertised that it was only opened on a Saturday so I missed out again.  Thursday we drove over to Northam for a bit of retail therapy and to meet my sister and husband for lunch.  Northam is the main centre for shopping in the area and I did manage to check out the craft shop and the Janome shop.  Lunch was enjoyed at the Shamrock Hotel and the servings were huge, in fact we were unable to manage dinner that night we were so sated.  I spent Friday with my sister scanning photos from the past to assemble together for my delve into our family history.  It was fun reminiscing over the old photos and thinking of the past as I truly treasure these special moments with my family.

The Goomalling Caravan Park
 It was uncanny but I met a lady in the Caravan Park on Saturday who taught my sister in home science in the 1955's, it was rather a shame I hadn't met her the day before and she would have been able to catch up with Beth again.  Saturday morning we were back on the road again heading over to Bruce Rock for the week long Vietnam Veteran's get together.  We had intended to stop at Nukarni for the night but on arrival decided to push on to Bruce Rock.  As we approached the Sportsman's complex we realised that their annual Agricultural Show was in full swing.  It was a bit embarrassing driving around the outskirts of the oval meandering past the parked cars but we managed to turn the old girl around and pulled up near our old spot under the scoreboard.  It wasn't long before I again met up with brother Graeme and Sue who happened to be there showing his prize chooks.  I was amazed that he had about 31 entries and nearly all were First Prizes with a couple of Seconds thrown in.  In fact he won the Highest Point Scorer in the Show.  Quite proud of him I was.
Bruce Rock Sportsman's Complex (the view from our windows)
Well the show has been pulled down and the grounds are nearly empty now but please watch this space because before next weekend this oval will be covered with Motor Homes, Caravans, and even tents as everybody comes from near and far to celebrate.  In fact quite a few of our fellow motor homers and friends are already here.  There will be concerts and markets in town and of course the big march on Saturday to the church with the stained glass window of peace that was donated by the veterans.

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