Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its Show Time!!

Well the Show is well and truly over by now.  Gee the time flies when you are having fun. During the day we visited the many stands, one of interest was the making of butter and damper.  They had an old fashioned butter churn. 
 Reminded me of the days gone by on the farm.  We were really spoilt as kids as we had homemade bread with homemade jam and homemade butter.  Our snack after school was jam and fresh cream.  The damper was made in camp ovens. 
Dagwood Dogs

One of the popular rides

The Strawberries and Cream Stall

Memphis Movers

The Show Fairy

The Show Train
 We tasted the wines and cheeses in the food Pavillion and enjoyed a lovely meal for lunch which was supplied by the Boonah Lions Club.  We also meandered through the various Craft, Cooking & Horticultural Pavillions.  The Saturday night's entertainment was very exciting.  We missed the early part of the evening as we again caught up with friends in Kalbar.  We arrived home in time for the fireworks at 8pm.  They had quite a line up after that.  There were the rollover cars.  (these were specially built cars and were driven around the arena and went up the ramp on two wheels and they rolled right over and then righted themselves again.  If by chance they didn't there were plenty of volunteers to just give them a slight push.)  There was also the vintage speedway cars who did a race on the circuit.

One of the vintage Speedway Cars

Vintage Bike
 Souped up lawnmower race.  (They did about 120kms per hour)  David Russell from Melbourne rode his motor bike up a ramp and lept over a helicoptor with its rotors going. 

 Mad Ronnie from Darwin drove his jet truck doing burnouts and the flames warmed up the grandstand.  Apparently earlier he blew up a car on the arena.  The night was finished off with a demolition Derby and the last man standing.

Mad Ronnies Jet Bike
 Sunday friends Carol and Graham drove down from Brisbane and spent the morning with us and Donette and Larry over at Kalbar.  Today friends Chris and David arrived in a motorhome from Whyalla and called in for a while on their way to the Gold Coast  Tomorrow we are again heading for Brisbane to share a birthday with our grandson.  Next week people from WA Topsy and Arie will be calling in.
 Talk again soon

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