Friday, May 14, 2010

Boonah's 110th's Annual Show

You would never guess in a million years on what I had for breakfast this morning..Pancakes with strawberries and cream. I had to wait until 10 o'clock for them to open but I know it was worth it.
 We woke up to an extremely cold morning and I mean cold. I think the temperature was minus 5 in Boonah overnight.
This was the fog a couple of mornings ago
 There was a hive of activity going on.  Today is the first day of the show.  Mainly judging and a few ring events on today but most of the food outlets were open. All week there has been lots of work going on here at the showgrounds preparing for the show.  We have the side shows in front of us with lots of interesting rides and even the circus.
This was the scene earlier in the week you wouldn't recognize it now
 Our nearest neighbour drives a bus called "sweet dreams" and they have the strawberries and cream van.  They have been travelling for 20 years following the show circuit.  He drives the bus and tows a trailer with the car and she follows on behind with the truck towing the strawberry trailer.  There are all the usual Dagwood Dogs and fairy floss toffee apples etc as well as the usual fast foods.  I haven't seen any showbags as yet.  The fireworks is on tomorrow night and the jet truck and bike from Darwin. Girl trick riders and lots of other events.  We had a fairly quiet mother's day on Sunday, I had some lovely and much welcomed calls from the sons and I received the Julie Goodwin's Cookbook  I hope all my DIL's had a nice Mothers day being spoilt by their respective husbands and children.  I know one husband had to work.
.Haven't used it yet but there is still time.  We have been going over to Kalbar to see other fellow Motorhomers most nights.  They would have come here if the show wasn't on.  We stoked up the old campfire and sat around talking and freezing.  You would not believe how cold it is here at night.
 The late evenings and nights have been pretty cold.  Bll & Leanne were there on their maiden voyage with the bus, also Scruffy & Marie in their 4 wheel drive bus.  Donette and Larry and Carol and Gary made up the rest of the team.  Some went home during the week and I think there will be just three couples tonight including us.  Bill cooked up a mean stew one night.  Not my Bill, the other Bill or should we call him Barry.  Sorry an inside joke.He had a lot of helpers and advisors. LOL. Well must go and see what other action is about.
talk again soon

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