Thursday, March 4, 2010

A casual lunch in the rain

Nothing much happening here except rain and more rain...I don't think Ihave ever seen so much water.  I have spoken earlier about not seeing rain for about 12 months I now have seen enough to last quite a while.  I feel sorry for the folks in Roma & Charleville having experiencing severe flooding but someone must be watching over us because if we hadn't opted to spend time with the grandies we would have been right in that area and up to our necks in water.  As it is we had to be towed up to higher ground as she was surrounded by slush and weighing over 17 ton we had that sinking feeling.  A tractor had to be used to pull us I only wish I thought to get the camera out while this was all happening.

  Tuesday we drove down the gold coast to Pimpana, to view a Heritage Restoration Project.  They have quite a collection of paraphalia and machinery which they are restoring.  You can also stay there for the cost of $10 per night but you are restricted to a maximum of 10 days at a time.  Close to the theme parks and plenty of room.  Nice folks running the show.

  We decided to visit a nearby local for lunch and can thoroughly recommend the venue.  The Shearer's Arms Hotel in Ormeau.  Lunch was a $12 special included a free drink and a $3 Pokie Credit.  And the food was good.  We haven't been on the Rattler yet as the Mary Valley is flooded out and the trip was cancelled, however we rescheduled for next Wednesday so fingers crossed the rain will have subsided by them. 
 Talk again soon

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