Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brisbane Craft Expo

The Craft Expo was all I expected and more.  I had a lovely time surrounded by lots of stalls and likeminded people.

One of the Aisles in the Shopping Mall
  Didn't do a lot of retail therapy but just soaked up the atmosphere and enjoyed the moment.  Didn't seem to be a lot of things out there that was new.  I didn't do any of the Seminars or Workshops as I had the handbrake with me looking rather bored.  Although he was in his element stirring up some of the ladies at the show as only he does.

Ladies hard at work in the Husqvana Quilt Boot Camp
There was a Challenge Quilt display where quilters made a quilt using the fabric below and the ensuing quilts were very inspiring.
Challenge Fabric - Its a Rowan fabric designed by Martha Negley.

This is the winning quilt
Also on display was the World's biggest Hexagon Quilt.  An attempt at a world record has resulted in a quilt of mammoth proportions. The quilt is displayed at it's halfway point, a massive 60 metres long.  The finished quilt will reach 120 metres long and weighs about 120 kilos.  I have some hexagons in this quilt but I was unable to find them as there were far too many.  The quilt was dispalyed around the edge of the dining room.  It was very impressive.

The hexagon quilt on display around the room
A close up view of the hexagons

One of the Quilts on Display

Talk again soon

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Julia said...

You lucky girl, getting to go to that show.. oh my gosh that hexagon quilt is amazing.. Yep, I can just imagine Bill doing that...a guy gotta have some fun!
Hugs Julia ♥