Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alice Springs NT

King Canyon NT

Taken from the road showing the ranges
Jan and Hady on the walk in the creek
Its great to be back in civilisation again. We have spent the last few days without phone coverage. We parted company with John and Carol and again in convoy with Russell in the lead we left Marla and our first break after crossing the NT/SA border was at a roadhouse at Erldunda. After they assured us that our big rigs would fit into their caravan park and after we did a walk through and seen that it was impossible. We asked them if we could stay outside on a dirt clearing opposite. We were told that it would cost us $20 to park there with no power no water no facilities at all. So undeterred we decided we would have a coffee before travelling on. We ordered the coffees but were told that the urn was cold so no coffees were available. So again we thought we would get an iced coffee out of the fridge, but the last straw was when their till was down and they were unable to process any purchases. So we and several other customers put our goodies back and jumped into our motorhomes and headed off to the next stop. On the road out to Ayers Rock we stopped the night at Mt Ebenezer for $10 a night for power and facilities or free with no power.

Parked up at Mt Ebenezer

Wednesday morning saw us driving up towards King Canyon and we booked into the King Canyon Resort. A lovely little oasis. Several Restaurants, Motel Units and Caravan Park. They parked us in a coach bay so we had our own patio and sink facilities. We drove out to Kings Canyon and did the walk into the gorge. Very spectacular I chose a few photos for you to view. We camped Thursday night at Mt Ebenezer and rejoined John and Carol. We ate in the restaurant then settled around the bonfire that we lit. Friday after a brief stop at Erldunda for an internet fix and catch up on our phone messages, we set off for Alice Springs. We arrived in Alice mid afternoon after a brief lunch stop at Stuart Well. We are parked in the showground on a beautiful grassed area. Plenty of room, power, water etc. We intend to spend a week here. Happy Mothers Day everyone for tomorrow.

Jan Hady and Russell in the gorge
If you look closely you can see Jan & Hady waving
Talk again soon

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Julia said...

Hi Jan, you sure are getting about!
great photos..

Happy Mother's Day Jan.
have a wonderful day,,,brekky in bed and all!
Hugs Julia ♥