Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alice Springs and Simpsons Gap

The view in front of the bus

We had another hectic week with the usual dramas re mail and radio. When we approached Alice Springs through a gap in the McDonald Ranges it was like going into another world. It is surrounded by mountains and is as green as green. We are camped in the local showgrounds (too big for the Caravan Parks) but it is absolutely beautiful and peaceful here. We overlook the dressage area so we often see the horses in action everywhere we look it is green grass. (They use reclaimed water on their lawns and gardens) there is dog trials, remote control car club, BMX etc etc. We have plenty of space and we have grass under our feet. I had a bout of depression this week but I seem to be on the mend could have something to do with Mothers Day and being away from the family. By the way thank you Finn, Kai and Keira for the lovely cards, I will cherish them. I enjoyed calls from the family and I also received a surprise in the mail. It was a lovely teddy charm for my bracelet. Thank you very much. We drove out to Simpsons Gap this week and to Standley Chasm both very nice spots.

We also spent an afternoon in the Truck Museum which also houses the Hall of fame.

We are still awaiting on mail so will probably be here until at least Tuesday. Tonight we are dining in the Casino, there are 16 of us booked in Seafood Buffet for $20 a head. It will be strange putting on the glad rags in place of the shorts and t-shirts.Talk again soon


Lurline said...

Hey, Girlfriend, chin up! Get your glad rags on and enjoy! Talk to you soon!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Hope you are feeling happier now. We all miss you and Ibbo. Have fun