Sunday, December 14, 2008

Home at Last

Ye Ole Quindanning Inn

I bet you have guessed by now that we are home for the Christmas break. We arrived home last Monday after a lovely five days at Ye Olde Quindanning Inne. I arrived home in time to surprise the girls on their sewing day at Gwen’s. I actually started knitting socks on that day why I don’t know’ because I can I suppose. After we left Goomalling we ventured over to Popanyinning via Beverley (which is another lovely character country town) where we caught up with some very dear friends for dinner. After we left Popanyinning we made our way over to Quindanning to our annual Christmas dinner weekend with our chapter of the Motorhome Club

Happy Hour with friends

. We arrived on the Wed and left the following Monday. We had our usual Disc Bowling Competition and some of the locals chose to join us. We also indulged in some rather unusual activities I won’t divulge all but I know someone in our house dressed up in a bra and lace G-string and it wasn’t me. The photo is too hot to publish and besides my life wouldn’t be worth living if he found out. We had a lovely dinner on the Saturday night and we had our usual gift exchange.

Our camp spot

Bill & I received lovely matching cups. I spent today making shortbread, brown sugar biscuits, Baileys fudge and an Icecream Christmas cake, it was very hot in Perth and whereas most people spent the day on the beach, I of course chose to bake. Duh! I probably won’t be blogging much over the next couple of weeks as I will be busy with Christmas and family. Please call in from time to time as I may have some things to add. I am looking forward to family coming over from Qld for Christmas. Hello to you all over there see you soon.5 more sleeps.

Talk again soon Jan

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