Monday, December 1, 2008

Goomalling & Kellerberrin

Kellerberrin Post Office

The Main Street of Kellerberrin
We arrived in Goomalling about 2pm on Friday and met our new neighbours from Whyalla in SA Carole & Terry, and then it was off to SIS & BIL’s farm for a catch up and dinner. Saturday saw us catching up with the locals in down town Goomalling. They have a very nice coffee shop here and they also do a hot white chocolate equal if not better than you can buy in Perth. Sis came over in the afternoon and I whipped up a batch of biscuits which we all test tasted. Not bad seeing as I had to improvise on some of the ingredients. Evening saw us around the BBQ with the other residents for a meet and greet. Sunday we were up and at em and off to Kellerberrin which is about 120kms east of here. Now you may not know this but I was actually born there just a few years ago LOL. Called to see another SIL and Bro (don’t worry there isn’t many more) whom I haven’t seen for quite some time.

The new baby colt

Now they have a few horses on their property as they do a bit of Harness racing. In fact Bro was trialling a horse as we arrived. We took some photos of one of their horses who had just had a baby colt. SIL loves animals and makes a home for some stray cats. There is a photo of one of the wild cats that has just had kittens.

Mother cat

The rest are of the main street of Kellerberrin and the Post Office. I bet you can just imagine me roaming the streets as a little angel of a child. (Tongue in Cheek) On the way home we took a photo of the Ettamogah Pub in Cunderdin.Talk again soon Jan

Ettamogah Pub- Cunderdin

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Missing you, Girlfriend - when will you be home?
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