Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life Events a quick catch up

I must apologise I did intend to update more frequently but unfortunately life got in the way.  So much has happened that I don't know where to start so this blog will give brief updates on the happenings of the last few weeks.  Firstly there  was the trip to Carnarvon to catch up with friends and my first photo is of the fish that was caught when they went out fishing.
A Cod caught near Carnarvon WA
We also celebrated my beautiful grand daughter's 18th birthday........

Very proud grandparents and the star of the day
 I would also like to show you my new aquisition.....
Nicknamed the "Jelly Bean" by courtesy of my brother Colin....probably because it is red or as it is a diesel it sounds like jelly beans rattling in a jar......Anyway I drove it behind the bus down to Mt Barker where we are farm sitting at the moment.  I nearly missed Mt Barker and started heading back to Perth but that is another story....Now for the best news of all...Drum Roll Please...
We are now the proud great grandparents of Chase Mark K....born early on the 18th July, weighing 9 pounds and a very long 55cm at 2.25pm...I did a trip up to Perth to see him and he is of course very gorgeous as you would expect...
Already an eagles fan!!!!

and very cheeky!!!
I promise I will be back very soon with more updates.


vacation said...

Nice artcle and good blog........great Gallivantour

Trina Morris said...

Hi Jan,
Not sure if my comment reached you just now. Please contact me!! or on phone 0402 486 460.

Need to ask about photos I need for an article. Yours are super!