Friday, June 4, 2010

Warwick & Stanthorpe-The Granite Belt

What a pleasant change today.  The sun actually came out and paid us a visit.  I am sorry I haven't communicated much this past week but the phone coverage and internet acess is very intermittent is this area.  In fact I am sitting out in my car to write this as there is no signal inside the motor home.We didn't leave Boonah as planned on Saturday as the heavens opened up and we had so much rain that we couldn't get the Trailer out of the paddock.  So we arrived here on Sunday in Warwick having drove through Cunningham's Gap without any trouble.  The weather here has been absolutely miserable.  Cold and Wet and freezing.  I weakened and went out to Aldi's yesterday and bought some Thermal Undies.  And you guessed it the Sun started to come out.  We are parked up on a horse property here and the rent's free but there is no power or water except for what we are carrying and there has been any sun for the solar panels to generate any power either.  However the locals tell us this is there worst week for bad weather.  Monday we familiarised ourselves with the town and did a bit of shopping.  They have a lovely shopping centre in the centre of town with everything you need.  Warwick is named the Rose and Rodeo City.  They are famous for their rodeos which are held every October. A lot of business's have the rose in either their name or depicted by a rose.  Tuesday we drove over to Toowoomba approximately 100kms from here to visit the CRT Farm Fest.  It was a huge event with lots of boys toys  We met up with Larry & Donnette and Carol and Garry.  Personally I would rather watch paint dry but it was tolerated by the enjoyment of their company.  The guys really enjoyed their day and I won't feel so guilty now when I am dilly dallying in a patchwork shop in future.   Not much there for ladies unless you like the western or workwear gear.  I managed to buy a hand held vacuum packer which works on batteries or power which will prove very handy. Wednesday we went along to the famous Pig and Calf Markets, which are held every Wednesday and they auction off everything and sundry.  There were a lot of chooks and fat roosters, a few calves and a pile of odds and assortments of household items.

  We then drove over to Stanthorpe another 80kms north.  What a difference!  Stanthorpe is a lovely town and with the trees blooming with their autuum colouring was quite a contrast.  It reminded me very much of some of the places in America.

 We viewed the whole town from Mt Marla Lookout it looks quite vast although I don't think it is as big as Warwick.  After we visited the Information centre we discussed our plan of action over a coffe in their lovely coffee shop.We decided that as a lot of things were only open on weekends we would come back on Saturday and visit Tenterfield and do those things South and today we would do the other points of interest.  So our first stop was Suttons Cider Factory where we tasted all the different apple juices, they featured on Landline a few weeks ago and let me tell you their apple pies are every bit of what they said.  We left there armed with 2 litres of apple juice, Pink lady and Winesap flavoured and 2 apple and rubarb pies. ( We actually ate them last night and they were delicious we may have to visit them again.)   Our next stop was to Vincenzos under the Big Apple.  This was a gourmet delight with everything italian, cheeses pasta's salamis, confectionery even italian handbags.  I drooled over them but left emptyhanded.  Castle Glen was our next port of call and this was really pretty.  They make liquers and there is over 500 different liqueurs sold here.  Every colour of the rainbow and lots of different shapes.

   The strawberry and chocolate port sounded rather decadent.  I left armed with a cocnut creme liqueur and of course a white chocolate liqueur.  I intend to add the coconut creme one to my coconut creme pie.  (When I was in USA we tasted a coconut creme pie and I have been trying to emulate one since).  We then stopped at the Granite Belt Dairy and shared a lovely strawberry milkshake made from fresh jersey milk and some delicious cheese tasting. We had a very nice chat to the lady who owned the store and we are now a full bottle on cheese flavours. LOL.  We arrived back in Warwick in time to visit Julie and Peter who were passing through on their way to Brisbane. met them at the Caltex Truck Stop just outside of town, it seems to be our popular visiting spot as we met Alan and Lillian there yesterday for a coffee on their way through also.  We will see them all next week when we go to Kilcoy for the HF Radio Club AGM which is being held on the long weekend.
Talk again soon
The Colours of Stanthorpe

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