Friday, December 4, 2009

Wivenhoe Dam-Lowood Qld 10 more sleeps

The Wivenhoe Spillway
Rain, rain glorious rain!  We have experienced some rain at last our first good dose since we left home in March or I might add since the winter before that.  It brought with it some much welcomed cooler weather.

The Picnic Area Wivenhoe Dam

 We drove out to Wivenhoe Dam where a lot of Brisbane's water supply is distributed.  The countryside around here is very beautiful with lots of green hills and country houses.

Some of the locals (it was most unusual to see ducks gathered around the cows)

Some more locals
 We drove over to Ipswich yesterday to my favourite Riverlinks Shopping Centre.  Didn't purchase much, just a new external hard drive to store my enormous collection of photos, I would hate to lose even one of them.  I have nearly finished putting photos onto DVD's maybe that will solve our Xmas present problem I could give all the family a DVD of our photos won't they all love that?  I think not! LOL you are so naughty Jan.  I am recording our trip into books and DVD's hopefully they will bring us many happy memories in our old age.  I am on the countdown for when we fly home it will soon be in single figures.  Did I mention that it is only 10 more sleeps.  My thoughts have been with my son yesterday and today as he recovers from his shoulder reconstruction operation.  I pray that all is well.  I am thinking of all the members in our CMCA Chapter celebrating Xmas this weekend in Bridgetown.  Merry Xmas to you all and we hope to catch up with some of you soon.

The Brisbane River
Talk again soon

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